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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Seek and ye shall find - Thing 6

Tell me what you pay attention to and I will tell you who you are - José Ortega y Gasset

Thing 6 in the 23 Things schedule asks you to "consider your personal brand" and suggests as a starting point, Googling yourself to find content associated with your name. A Google search brings up: an Australian illustrator/street artist/blogger who encourages doodling as a means of self-expression and collaboration; an American soprano; an Australian swimmer (with a differently spelt surname); my LinkedIn profile amongst a list of other users who share my name; and my profile on my work's website. MIT's Personas project threw up network error, try reloading ;( which is less a comment on how the Internet sees me and just a standard error message (other participants have also had access issues).

Over at socialmention the only exact match to my name links to a Youtube video of someone (not me) miming and dancing along to (I've Had) The Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing in celebration of a friend's birthday. I may, back in the distant past have attempted the Dirty Dancing lift at the lido with a school friend (frankly who hasn't?) but that was long before the days of digital cameras and smartphones.

My Facebook and LinkedIn accounts are both in my name. My Facebook account doesn't appear in the Google search results, I suspect because my privacy settings are pretty high and the majority of my content is open only to friends, and friends I know well rather than a friend of a friend of a friend who I once met in the pub. LinkedIn is 'professional' but I've mentioned previously that I've not yet fully engaged with it, a task for Week 4 of this project. I always find it difficult to decide how to set out my CV and do anything to avoid the format which requires a personal profile at the top of the page, as I've largely 'soft' skills.

I use Instagram under a different name, which I started using as a creative outlet for photo a day challenges like the one listed here but some months are better than others!

My digital footprint, the one I can find not being a tech-geek/IT specialist/GCHQ employee is very small and I'm happy with that. If I had a message or an idea that I needed to 'get out there' I could
certainly make myself more visible, but at present, I have nothing to say.

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